BJO DIALOGUE works for and with demanding people who deal with the challenges of a rapidly changing (communication) world every day and who are allowed and obliged to find solutions for themselves and their teams. 


Our clientele is diverse, dynamic, exciting, a true present. Transparency and privacy combined with a high degree of discretion and healthy modesty have been cornerstones of our business ethics since the company was founded. So you search in vain for company names, campaigns or logos at this point.  


But what reference you will find here is the one to our experience. It is based on 30 years of joint work in and with many (company) cultures, in different constellations, in good and also challenging times. We know people from many industries and are accountable for mandates in the fields of architecture, automotive, design & construction, energy, entertainment, finance, healthcare, culture, logistics, law, travel, pharma, robotics, smart living & mobility, steel processing, technology, textiles and veterinary medicine.


The most frequently requested services are consulting in corporate communication, concept development and its implementation, as well as sparring and training. In recent years, the majority of the mandates have focused on internal communication, conflict and change management, as well as the adjustment of corporate image and the optimization of public perception of companies.