Sparring & Coach


We offer an open ear, go on eye level, allow the view through the external glasses, accompany in the decision making process. Anyone sitting at the same table with us will soon sense that no theoretical approach is ours. We put you as a person and in your environment into the spotlight and draw in with our pool of insights. Our  method in doing so is quite simply yourself. 


Our approach is multidimensional. We act as opposite and next door, think ourselves into the respective topic, listen and let you talk, and literally hold the speech mirror in front of you. As sparring partner, we question ideas, point out refreshing alternatives, provoke and place our clients on the ground on both feet.


Coaching is companionship, is support, is analysis, is an opportunity for a new beginning. It requires critical ability and courage, offers strategic in- and foresight.


BJO DIALOGUE is an experienced partner. We actively listen to you, are honest and give a competent opinion on the way of your decision making. We unfold potential and reveal perspectives.


Communication Training


Be it in workshops or individual trainings - we sharpen the awareness for something that has been put into our cradle: communication. This is an exciting and wide field with many stumbling blocks and viewpoints.   


Whether with colleagues, customers, friends, relatives, neighbours, the dear four-legged friends or also with yourself, one speaks - times more, times less - always and everywhere, with and without words.


Consciously lived, sensitively managed, attentively questioned, communication helps to build bridges, to move things, to eliminate misunderstandings, to understand one's counterpart. 


Our trainings consist of focus modules, which are adapted or further developed to the needs of the customers. The result is a healthy mix of theory and practice, experience and status quo.


BJO DIALOGUE helps to strike the right note, to use the language sensibly, to communicate logically, credibly and emotionally - also non verbal.  


Presentation Training


Whether interview, lecture or panel discussion - a convincing performance can be learned and must be practiced regularly. Give it a try. 


Each of our audio-visually supported trainings, no matter what subject, focuses on personality, context, language and appearance. We want to help you to combine duty and freestyle, to enjoy your performance, to inspire for ideas, to convey facts in an interesting way - whether in front of a camera, on a large stage or in a small circle. Our aim is for you to find the right words, to strike open ears with the listeners and at the same time to perform in a safe, competent and relaxed manner. 


BJO DIALOGUE prepares you for this moment. Let us find out together your communication style, equip your message box, juggle with conversation techniques, train your presentation.


An authentic appearance is the basis for success. A message can only be sustainably anchored if you go hand in hand with what you say - then it also works with the spotlight.