Marketing & Communication


You are looking for an interim solution, a replacement for the transition, an expert been integrated in the marketing or communication department, a flexible person who is familiar with tools and tactics?


We act as an extended work bank, creative team member, speaker or mediator, facilitator or copywriter - on a temporary basis and on site as it is required.


As a competent partner, we support you in developing a promising way of dealing with opinion leaders - whether in brand or product communication, in change or general communication, internally or externally. 


BJO DIALOGUE helps you to find a meaningful and tailor-made interim solution for you, your need and the company.


People Development (HR)


You evaluate when an interim solution makes sense and is necessary. We are there for you: on site and on time.


To integrate us into your existing training and further education activities, work out the content you have specified, bring in our experience and carry it out is our job with pleasure - just as the situation requires.


At seminars and workshops we are a systemic facilitator, provide the healthy impact from outside and get the discussion moving. We navigate, listen and motivate.


BJO DIALOGUE is a professional interim partner for training and facilitation. We work out facts, demand opinions, let examples tell, and emotions move. 


Management Team


When opinions clash, the common goal is far away, the atmosphere signals bad mood, a sparring partner or mediator should be integrated as an interim solution.  


As sparring partner, we offer a listening ear, go on eye level, allow the view through the external glasses, accompany in the decision-making process. Anyone sitting at the same table with us quickly senses that no theoretical approach is ours. 


As mediator, we help to identify areas of conflict, accompany you on the path to finding solutions, support you with positive impulses, and point out methods of a healthy communication behaviour. In doing so, we create a climate of discussion that is based on the necessary trust of those involved and strives for a common goal. 


BJO DIALOGUE is an experienced partner, to you and your colleagues. We are interim and there for you: on site and on time.