Internal Communication


Be it for the management, people development/HR or corporate communication: When it comes to designing and supporting internal communication, we are a competent strategic partner, extended work bank, mediator and facilitator. Whether as trainer or sparring, on a temporary basis or on call – we are at your side when you need us.


Analyzing situations, defining topics, and designing fields of action with a sustainable effect are among the overriding tasks. We find our way into existing structures or redefine them - just as the situation requires it.


Send a progressive signal in the dialogue with your employees. Speak it out clear and make internal communication to become a honest and inspiring management task.


Among the staff you will find willingness to engage in dialogue, open ears and watchful eyes. Force information through communication, because transparency motivates people, awakens understanding and get things moving.


BJO DIALOGUE helps you to conduct a multidimensional dialogue and to follow up words with action. 


Communication Strategy


A well-founded communication strategy is signpost and test run at the same time. With courage and certainty, she navigates a company through the rapid changes in her discipline, demands flexibility and allows consistency.


In close coordination with those responsible within the company, we formulate the strategic approach to corporate communication, agree on the objectives, develop the communication concept and draw up corresponding action plans to maintain and promote the company's reputation - both internally and externally.


Living actions and an authentic approach are our core. In a well-founded 360° analysis, we consider from different perspectives, talk to the management, customers and employees, obtain opinions, analyze the public profile and corporate culture. The resulting insights allow for a profound advice, strategic planning and creative thinking. 


In a next step BJO DIALOGUE also supports in rolling out the plan and acts as an experienced partner in the implementation of the respective measures.


Public Relations


Reputation management, media work, influencer relation, marketing communication, lobbying - what else? In a nutshell it is all about public relations, which interpretation and value is undergoing a rapid change. Quantity has overtaken quality, entertainment meets Zeitgeist, higher, faster and further. Yes, it is companies that have to decide how they want to make the change, what style of communication they live and what note they want to put in the hustle and bustle of vanity and the era of digitalization.   


 We support you in designing promising ways of dealing with opinion leaders - whether in brand or product communication, in change or general corporate communication, in everyday or project-related situations. We are an extended work bank, creative temporary team member, act as speaker or mediator, facilitator or copywriter.


We bring you into contact with people who experience new media, put your PR work to the test bench, ask whether you still hit the pulse of time, and whether your type of communication has that certain something.


BJO DIALOGUE works out your personal touch in the public address and creates the basis for a good relationship in the opinion-forming structure relevant to you.